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“After going through 2 bad experiences with officiants from different companies who we fired after making false promises, it was so relieving to find Arwen. She was able to meet my ceremony preferences and my husbands and seamlessly combine them into the perfect ceremony vibe we were looking for. She met 1:1 with us to customize our ceremony and really helped calm my nerves by planning the ceremony with us. She was very organized and professional and helpful and followed through with everything she promised. She arrived early to our rehearsal, led it and made sure everyone knew exactly how I wanted things to go. At our wedding she kept me level headed when I was a very anxious bride. She even helped guard off unwelcome guests from coming into my bridal suite where I was getting ready! Days after the wedding she checked in with me to make sure everything went ok with our marriage certificate and she gave me step by step advise on how and where to take the next steps for changing my name with social security, drivers license, etc. I really enjoyed working with Arwen and I’m so glad we found her!!”

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“Long story short- Choose Arwen as your wedding officiant, you will be elated that you did. Arwen was perfect for our wedding. We had a surprise wedding disguised as a masquerade fancy cocktail house warming. We also wanted our wedding script to be individualized and unique- little bit of Star Wars, little bit of Carl Sagan, little bit of Gogol Bordello (wife’s favorite band). Arwen was very open minded, excited, involved, and beyond accommodating. Her experience shone through. Her choice of words were enchanted, endearing and beyond anything we could have imagined. We already plan on rereading the wedding script every year on our anniversary as it is so near and dear to our hearts. Thank you Arwen for making our wedding forever memorable and exceptional! < 3 ”

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“Arwen was just awesome, took so much care of every minute details even though this wedding was last minute. She made it the best in the little time she had and gave so much importance to what mattered to us the most.”

See Mrs. Jakkam’s full 5-star review at WeddingWire


“Arwen Freer is an exceptional officiant and an even more amazing person. We first met her at Hemming Plaza where she volunteered her services for couples of the same sex, who needed an officiant, due to the courthouse putting a halt to all wedding ceremonies. Her ceremony script was beautiful. She handled everything on the spot, with a calm demeanor that made it all seem effortless. When we wanted to renew our vows for family and friends, she was immediately receptive. She worked with our suggestions for the ceremony script and had some lovely ideas that would fit into our sunrise beach wedding. When the temperature dropped and we had to move the ceremony onto a deck, with heaters, Arwen did not flinch. She was very positive and we had complete confidence in her expertise and intuition. The ceremony was beautiful. She was able to hold a microphone and her script, like a pro. She’s a rock star! This is an officiant I would recommend to any couple – so very thoughtful!”

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“We were very hesitant contacting anyone we did not know for our wedding ceremony. As you an see from my above ratings we highly valued Arwen input, professionalism and flexibility in planning and conducting our wedding.”

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“Arwen was Awesome, Simply Amazing. She answered all our questions and was very caring of our concerns throughout the whole process. She took care of our legal paper work before our wedding ceremony, as well as being our officiate a month later when we had our marriage ceremony. Our ceremony was Beautiful and went smoothly. I was really impressed with her lovely spirit and professional attire and attitude during our wedding. Arwen has a heart of Gold. She comes highly recommended. Her services are the best and so is she. God Bless you Arwen”

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“She was AMAZING!! We made wedding plans in a very short timeframe and she was able to accommodate us. The vows she wrote made me cry!! She gave us different options as far as places to hold the ceremony (it was small, about 20 people) and fully discussed what we wanted in our vows.  We are planning to have a larger ceremony in the future and my plan is to have Arwen again!!!”

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“Arwen was an amazing officiant! She communicated with us very well prior to the wedding, and she did a great job at keeping my husband and I calm. She wrote very a touching and personalized service, and she recited it so eloquently. I’d been to weddings where the officiant barely looked up from the script, but Arwen was so well rehearsed that she was able to interact with us and look us in the eye. It was wonderful!”

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“Excellent service. Would recommend to family and friends.”

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“Arwen was amazing! She was very responsive, affordable, and did a great job at the ceremony! I was comfortable speaking with her about what to include and what not to include. I highly recommend!”

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“Arwen was amazing. She answered to my inquiry promptly and was very responsive throughout the whole process. She was also very helpful with picking the perfect location for our elopement, as well as helping us with all of the legal details. Our ceremony was perfect and went smoothly. Something I was really impressed by was how she offered to take photos for us since we had no witnesses, which I really appreciated since we couldn’t have anyone at our ceremony. I highly recommend her services!”

See Mrs. Miller’s full 5-star review at WeddingWire


“I could not have ask for any better. Arwen, was awesome. She made sure my big day was just the way I wanted it. Arwen , helped me with everything. She not only was my minister, but a friend during this time. She helped me find rooms in the area to stay , she recommended different foods to try in the area, and made this experience one I will never forget.”

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“Arwen helped to make our private ceremony so memorable, personal, and stress-free. Arwen took time to meet with my husband and I to get to know us and to talk about our vision for the ceremony. Arwen incorporated all of our requests and mixed religious traditions into our special ceremony. Due to horrible wind, my husband and I made the last minute decision to postpone our outdoor wedding by one day and Arwen was so supportive and flexible! It was such a relief to us. Arwen is professional and a joy to work with. Thank you!”

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“Arwen was wonderful! I am so glad I found her and chose her to marry us. I could of not asked for a better officiant. All my guests loved her! ”

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“Arwen made us feel so comfortable. She is a true pleasure to deal with. If you wish to have a custom or traditional wedding. This is the one for you.”

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“Wonderful, wonderful. She was very pleasant and patient and very professional and organized. I would highly recommend her! Thanks so very much. Evonda Alexander”

See Mrs. Alexander’s full 5 star review on Google


“I wanted a Spanish speaking minister/ notary for my elopement; I searched Google, plus called a few listings on the paper given to me by clerk, but no one returned my call. I found Arwen’s website, and liked how flexible she was with types of ceremonies, so I figured I would ask if she would do the wedding in Spanish or knew someone who would. I sent her an email, she replied back that evening, and was willing to do it! All went pleasant on our elopement. Arwen signed her part of the marriage license and mailed it in, plus took pictures for us 🙂 She did great; Thank you, Arwen!”

See Mrs. Cruz’s full 5 star review on Google


“Arwen officiated our wedding on the beach in Ponte Vedra. She was very communicative and reassuring. When we needed to make a few changes to the order, Arwen provided some advice and was accommodating. She was easy to communicate with and was available to us. One of our favorite pictures from the wedding ceremony is a family photo that she took with us. You couldn’t choose a better officiant. – Edward”

“I can’t say enough about how Arwen Freer. She was very professional, great speaker, personable, and ready to troubleshoot any hiccups. I strongly recommend her!  – Amy”

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“Mrs. Freer was such a big help. We are from Missouri so her knowledge of the area was so important. She was flexible and very professional . I would recommend her for anyone getting married in Florida.  – Robert and Jessica”

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“Arwen Freer did an amazing job officiating our wedding 11/7/15, and we could not be happier with the way it turned out. I am a type A personality who likes to have everything planned, and she made me feel very comfortable with everything and was a huge help in putting our ceremony together. There are a lot of helpful sample readings she provides on her website, and she was really open and helpful in customizing the ceremony to exactly what we wanted and provided suggestions. Since neither of us had been married before, we needed all the help we could get! From the moment you talk to Arwen, you can tell that she is a very kind, organized, caring, professional, and non-judgmental person who is really passionate about what she does. Her services are very versatile, and she can adapt to pretty much any type of ceremony that fits you (even down to her attire). We highly recommend Arwen Freer for any of your officiant needs!!! Thank you Arwen for being a huge part in our special day! =] ”

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“Nate and I want to thank Arwen for doing such an awesome job making our day even more special than it already was! She did such a great job making everyone comfortable and took charge to make everything run smoothly. We could not have picked anyone else that would have been as great as Arwen. We love you Arwen! Everyone needs to utilize your services and talent if they want to complete their special day! We would recommend Arwen to everyone that’s getting married! She is awesome!”

See Mr. Gooding’s full 5 Star review at The Knot


“Arwen Freer was such an amazing person to work with. She responded to all emails promptly and really helped to put together our quickly planned wedding! She also made the vows part very simple yet personal! I am so glad we chose to work with her. I would recommend her to anyone!”

See Mrs. Cline’s full 5 Star review at The Knot


“Arwen was amazing! She made everything simple, easy, and worry free! I would recommend her to everyone.”

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“Amazing officiant that delivered an even more amazing ceremony with such beautiful words. I couldn’t be happier.”

See Mrs. Eriksen’s full 5-star review at WeddingWire


“A Wonderful Experience!  I am very proud to say that we used Arwen Freer as the officiant at our wedding! She is very sweet, courteous and professional. We planned our wedding from out of of town and she was willing and able to meet us at the beach which was also a long distance location for her. Arwen put a lot of time and effort into writing thoughtful, loving and well written vows for us. Thank you Arwen for putting us at ease with this process and making our wedding day very special! Much Love, Frank and Aquila”

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“Arwen did an amazing job making our special day EXTRAORDINARY! We had originally planned on a wedding at the end of May, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to move the date up at the last minute. She accommodated us without any hesitation. We had a traditional Celtic handfasting and a beautiful marriage ceremony at Forsyth Park in Savannah. She drove the two hours and greeted us at sunrise with a smile on her face and her husband even helped take pictures.

She gave us options of some of the most beautiful readings and even helped guide me on how to make kilts for our ceremony (told you it was Celtic!). I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking a traditional ceremony or one that is less conventional.”

 See Mrs. Bank’s Full 5 Star Review at The Knot


“Arwen was very pleasant, positive, and made our experience wonderful!”

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“Awesome, dedicated professional who really cared about us and did a beautiful beautiful service. Kevin & Laura Beach”

See Mr. and Mrs. Beach’s full 5 Star review at Thumbtack


“Excellent officiant for our gay ceremony. Allowed us to completely customize our vows. Couldn’t have asked for a better wedding. She’s a true customer-oriented professional and we couldn’t have found a nicer person. Thanks Arwen.”  (The Knot)

“Great experience. Allowed us to customize our ceremony vows, traveled out to the sticks for us, and even dressed “down” to match our redneck attire. Thanks Arwen for putting up with all our cats and dogs.” (Thumbtack)

See Mr. William’s and Mr. Covert’s full 5 Star reviews at The Knot and Thumbtack

“Arween was wonderful and so willing to do whatever it took to make my day amazing. Thank you! ”

See Mrs. Whitten’s full 5 Star review at WeddingWire


“Arwen was such a pleasure to work with. I sent her so many emails and she always contacted me back right away. Everything I asked for she did. Our wedding was so wonderful! She helped us with every single detail. She took the time to get to know us and is such a very kind person. I would love to do it all over again!! Thank you!!”

 See Mrs. Lamb’s Full 5 Star Review at The Knot


“Arwen performed our wedding and was awesome. She is very professional, punctual, accommodating, polite, and courteous. She went above and beyond the call of duty. She is flexible and will to do whatever is in her power to make your wedding a success. Our wedding didn’t start smooth but thanks to Arwen it finished fantastic. She has my vote and I would recommend her for whatever event or occasion that you may have. She deserves 10 stars. You will not be disappointed in her services guaranteed. Hands down Arwen Freer is the best. We were blessed to have found her and made her acquaintance. Thanks again Mrs. Freer.”

See Mr. Brown’s full 5 Star review at Thumbtack.


“Arwen was wonderful. She kept in touch. We thought the weather was going to change our plans, but luckily it didn’t. She was very flexible about trying a different time. She gave us a copy of the ceremony as well. Overall, very polite & professional. She was a great choice! I’m glad I found her on here. ”

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“Thank for being patient with us. We-well I was a little late…Arwen was so sweet…and the ceremony went smooth….She is awesome!”

See Mrs. Leach’s full 5 star review on Google


“Arwen was such a wonderful officiant! She created a beautiful ceremony script that captured me and my husband’s values and commitment to each other perfectly. I highly recommend her! ”

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“Made the whole ceremony personal. It was an awesome experience!”

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“I would like to first say thank you to Arwen for replying back to my emails in a timely manor and for being so helpful and polite, while I plan my wedding. Our draft we received of our ceremony was perfect! The information she provided was helpful, and we were prepared for our wedding day. On our wedding day, of course we were running a little late, we communicated the information to Arwen, she advised our guest, and then she performed a the ceremony that we discussed without any issues, everything went great! If you are looking for a very efficient, well speaking, and beautiful personality Minister, Arwen is the right choice! Thank you again! Deidre & DeMarlon”

 See Mr. and Mrs. Hunter’s Full 5 Star Review at The Knot


“Arwen was exceptional! From the start she was professional yet very considerate and impressive! She did everything she said she would and when she said she would! She knew a lot and offered great suggestions, and she followed exactly what we wanted. She walked me through every step and on our special day she was there on time and so very respectful and helpful! We were so pleased with her work! We plan to have a bigger wedding in a year or so and hope that Arwen will renew our vows then! ”

See Mrs. Torres’ Full 5 Star Reviews at Thumbtack, Facebook, and The Knot.


“I was in a bit of an emergency, my good friends were set to get married and their officiant/minister forgot the date and headed off on vacation. I got busy searching the night before the wedding. This amazing woman acted fast and not only made the drive from Jacksonville to Savannah to perform the ceremony, she also was quick to prepare everything with the bride and groom. I will recommend her to everyone I know.”

See Mrs. Trujillo’s Full 5 Star Review at WeddingWire


“Arwen was incredibly helpful, from how to obtain my marriage license to what time sunset was the day of my event. I was an out of state bride and we communicated through email and by phone. She listened to what we wanted and created the most beautiful ceremony for us. She was very professional, very kind, and I highly recommend her to all future brides.”

See Mrs. Irizarry’s full 5 Star review at Thumbtack


“On Jan 10th my partner Leslie and I were married at Hemming Plaza where history was being made. Same sex couples were finally able to marry. When Leslie came to me and asked who should marry us, I looked over her shoulder and saw Arwen. I felt a calmness and peacefulness over me. I knew at that moment it was Arwen. thank you for entering our lives. You will forever be a part of us. “

See Mrs. Farrell’s Full 5 Star Review on Facebook.


“Arwen was amazing and very very helpful and flexible thank you so much i would give you more stars if I could. “See Mrs. Pearson’s full 5 Star review on Facebook.


“Arwen was wonderful to work with. I would recommend her to anyone needing a wedding officiant. ”

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“It’s been almost 2 years since Arwen married my husband and I (Sept 27, 2015) and I still remember how wonderful she was! Very sweet, extremely helpful and she put together the most wonderful vows for us. Thank you so much!

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“Arwen was great, she was very professional and didn’t outstanding job at our wedding how it definitely recommend.”

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“She was on time and efficient . great job”

See Mr. and Mr. Nettle’s full 5 Star review at Thumbtack

“I am so happy that she married us and she was there every step of the way.”

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“Well done, I am speechless no words to describe her excellent service. Thanks. “

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“Arwen Officiated our wedding last month and she was perfect she made everything the way I wanted it from the beginning. I only had to talk to her once for her to come up with the perfect ceremony script. It honestly was like she was reading my mind and she knew exactly what I wanted. On the day of my big day I was so nervous and Arwen just told me to relax and take a deep breath and it really made me calm down. My husband and I had rehearsed it but for some reason we managed to put our rings on the wrong hand and she was very great about it when I got a little embarrassed and instead of it being awkward she helped to make it kind of funny and no big deal at all. If I could do it all over I wouldn’t change a thing especially Arwen the kind, intelligent and professional person she is.”

 See Mrs. Ray’s Full 5 Star Review at The Knot


“Arwen was very professional and friendly. The ceremony was beautiful and we were very pleased!”

See Mr. and Mrs. Taylor’s Full Review at The Knot

 Tania Carson

“My husband and I truly enjoyed our service with Arwen. She is easy going, adaptable, and friendly. She met with us before the big day to go through the wedding script and was open to making changes to the script. For us, it was making sure certain phrases were not included. Lol, we were pretty adamant about not saying “love is like a circle” in the ceremony because we didn’t want to burst out laughing by thinking of the movie “I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry”. She also performed a coin and lasso ceremony and for the first time. Arwen in adaptable because she worked with our last minute changes with ease. The first change was time, because we were very worried about cold weather and rain on the beach we changed the time. The second change was the beach. She rolled with the event and it was amazing of her to do so. Lastly she is a very friendly person. She checked the tides for the day of the ceremony, and ways to not sink in the sand. 🙂 Our first meeting went smoothly and the ceremony was wonderful. So…YES…I recommend she officiate your wedding. She is professional, reliable and reasonably priced.”

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