Ceremony – Wine Box – adapted by Arwen Freer

SPOUSE2 and SPOUSE1 have decided to dedicate a wine box today. They will be placing into the box a bottle of wine and love letters written to each other.  In the letters, which they have kept secret, they have described what made them fall in love with the other person and what makes them so special, why they chose to get married today, and what they hope for their future together.  They will be sealing this box and it will not be opened until their first anniversary.  When they open the box, they will share the bottle of wine and read the letters for the first time.  Then, and every following anniversary, they will renew the box with a new bottle of wine, and replace their original letters, so that every year they can be reminded of how they feel today.

Ceremony – Wine Blessing

There are two ways to conduct this ceremony.  Either a single glass is poured by the officiant from one bottle of wine, or the couple could each hold a different bottle of wine (usually one white wine and one red wine) which they pour together into a single glass.  In the 2nd type of ceremony, language is added about how their lives will be joined and can never be separated again, like two wines. Below you see the simpler ceremony using one bottle.


Officiant: A good wine, like a good marriage, is the result of many years of hard work. There is the unhurried nurturing of the vine and tender care of the grape, thoughtful mix of ingredients, patient fermenting — yielding the unique flavors of each passing year.

So let the blessing of this first glass of wine that you taste together celebrate all that has brought you to this moment, expressing hope and faith in the commitments you have made here today. And let it symbolize for you how sharing the partnership of marriage not only doubles the sweetness of life, but also lightens the burden of its bitterness by half.

[ The officiant passes the cup to spouse1, who holds it to spouse2’s lips for them to drink.  Spouse1 then passes the cup to spouse2, who holds it to spouse1’s lips for them to drink.]



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