Reading – from Once Upon A Time – A Happy Beginning

Tomorrow is uncertain. Who knows what it will bring.
But one thing is for sure love, with you I have everything.
And happily ever after is the way these stories go.
I used to think that’s what I wanted, but now I finally know.
There’s no storm we can’t out run.
We will always find the sun.
Leave the past and all its scars.
A happy beginning now is ours.

We celebrate all together a long time wish come true.
What makes it even better, today our story starts anew.
When villains cast their curses, we can overcome them all.
If we all stand strong together there’s no way we can fall.
We will face the endless night.
Take my hand and join the fight.
Past the clouds we’ll find the stars.
A happy beginning now is ours.



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